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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Gotz to Climb

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I Can Haz Cat Tree  to da sky

Iz you stuck just sitting in window sill 
or lay on back of da couch?

Do you look longingly around da house for somefing to get up and climb?

Datz cuz we are spose to climb!  

Don't let doz hoomans fool you, stand  up for your rights!

Put your paw down and say I gotz to climb! I can haz cat tree!

Diz iz da RevoLOLshun for Cats sake!  Come on effurybody!!


  1. I duz haz a cat tree! Hurray!

  2. I has been telling m she has to get a cat tree for me, but it seems D thinks I has enough stuff. How can that be??

  3. Da lady bought us a second cat tree last weekend.


  4. Is this cat tree tall enough to reach the birds?